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Change Width of Table in SkyView


Want to change the default width of the table in skyview. When I resize it it doesn’t stay when I relaunch browser. I thought I saved a thread on editing the css but I cant find it. Just need it slightly larger to display the heading column as of now it is slightly cut off. If I remember the thread I am talking about the default width was 500px. Wondering where that css file is located and its name. All new to Raspberry pi linux ect. But I can ssh into my Piaware so that is a start. Really enjoying this so far. Thanks


The file in question is



sudo nano /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html/style.css

CTRL-O to save and CTRL-X to exit


Thanks much headed to work will give it a try later.


Success! After mucking around a bit I got it. 25 px did the trick. Complete newbie to Linux and command line looking forward to learning more. Thanks Andy


Very nice.

I forgot that you need to press CTRL-F5 in the browser otherwise it is gonna load a cached version.
But you apparently already knew that :slight_smile: