Change default columns in the unexpanded table view


In the Skyview default view instead of having the “Ident” column displayed I’d like it to be the “registration” column (or ideally both at the same time). The column is obviously there in the expanded view so it seems like it would be pretty easy to do. Any ideas on how to do that? I looked through config.js, script.js and didn’t see a clean/easy way to do it but I could have missed something.




You can edit the presentation part in index.html. The java scripts updates the sidebar row template.

Also, If you do have automatic piaware updates ON (This is a piaware-config setting) it will overwrite any changes you make on the next piaware update. I suggest you clone the repo and keep your changes there.


Hi David,
Thanks for the thought. I tried that and it didn’t work. I did find a solution however in script.js…

In script.js, function setColumnVisibility there are a series of showColumn calls. These are the calls which determine what is shown when the box is EXPANDED. Anything in this list will be HIDDEN in the small version and expanded when you click expand. So to do what I wanted it to do all I needed to do was comment out the showColumn call referencing the “registration” div id. If you ADD a div to this section you can make it hidden…so for instance if you DIDN’T want to see the “Age” column you could add a showColumn entry with “seen” (which is the div id for “Age”) and magically it wouldn’t be shown until you expand.