Change in MAC Address

I setup my Pi using a NooElec R820T while my FlightAware Pro Stick arrived. Now I installed the Pro stick and I noticed that the MAC address changed and now I’m receiving a message that says “Anomaly report for PiAware feeder with a MAC address of b8:27:eb:6c:4e:20: This feeder last checked in on Friday.”.

I thought that FLightAware would notice the change in MAC address automatically but it hasn’t happened. Is there a way to notify my change of MAC Address? Do I have to REMOVE my station and re-register?

Thank you all

Jose A. Duran

Installing a prostick should not affect your MAC at all. Did you change any other hardware or software?

No I did not but, I changed from a wired setup to a wireless setup.

Changing from a wired setup to a wireless setup also won’t affect the reported MAC address (or shouldn’t, at least). Are you sure the new network setup is actually working? Maybe piaware just cannot contact the FlightAware servers at all.

Last night I tried to check if my PiAware was transmitting and checked a flight’s log and, under Reporting Facility. it was showing FlightAware-ADS-B (AVG/SVAC) which, I would say, it’s me since I’m the only one around SVAC.

That confused me since, on my Stats, page says that they haven’t seen me since last friday.

There is a FlightFeeder installed less than a mile from your location, so…

That said, I just looked at your stats and your piaware came back online in the last hour or so, so whatever you changed fixed it.

I do not see any unclaimed piaware installs nearby, so I don’t think this had anything to do with MAC address, it was just that your site really was offline.

I just changed back to a WIRED setup and the MAC Address went back to what it was, so, if you change from a wired setup to a wireless setup or viceversa, it does change the MAC Address. I wonder how I can change the MAC Address with FlightAware, would I have to REMOVE my setup and re-register?

To reiterate, this has nothing to do with MAC address. It just sounds like you are having problems with your wireless setup and when you have it configured in that way, your piaware cannot contact FlightAware.

You can verify this by looking at the local status page of your piaware (local IP address of your Pi/). If you can’t reach the local status page at all, your feeder is down. If you can reach it but the FlightAware status indicator is red, then piaware cannot reach the FlightAware servers.

Thank you obj for your help. I can see my local traffic on the status page on my web browser and now it’s working, let me ask you something, where is the “Status Bar”? I don’t see anything like it.

If you are running a piaware sdcard image, there is a status page at the top level on the default HTTP port (port 80; not port 8080) - just piaware-IP/

Thanks obj, you’ve been really helpful, everything is back to normal now.