For those tracking J’s ferry flight home to N14, be advised that he had to work overtime last night in VNR150 and wound up at KBFI.

I just spoke to him a few minutes ago (~1000EDT) as he was boarding a commercial flight ex SEA so apparently the whole flight is postponed by one day. He promised to phone upon his arrival to let me know the new schedule and I’ll pass it on to all interested parties.

Personally I’d still leave today and break the trip up into two legs, but that’s me and my ancient bladder.

He says that as long as he’s got his trusty wide-mouthed Gatorade bottle along he can POR! :wink:


No slow rolls on a half-mile final hey??


Ah too bad. I should have gone and caught the catfish with Jr. inside. :slight_smile: … /KMRY/KBFI

BTW: Check out QNH for BFI. It’s quite interesting. (2931 at 1036L)




Change no 14:


Holy moly I need an altitude-hold autopilot! … C/tracklog


Very low pressure.


Dunno, I seen this on my own flights. I’ve nailed altitude and find FA variances of 100 feet low on my flights. … Y/tracklog would be one I know I didn’t deviate more then 50 feet.

Mode C issues maybe on the plane??


… and lay off the fries! :stuck_out_tongue:
02:30PM 33.95 -93.32 98 11000 Memphis Center


Guess he took your advice. Looks like today will be the longer leg, may still need that gatorade bottle.


Just looking at the track log…she doesn’t climb out quite the same as a P180 does. Probably rocking back and forth in the seat trying to get her moving.


Awesome day to fly! Wonder if the fall leaves have started changing over the mountains?


Keep an eye on him for me guys, we’ll be leaving MMU in a bit heading home and will be offline for a while.



Schmokin right along with a 30 knot tailwind…


Hmmm, flight plan amendment?

HVC - ESL - N14
Altitude 11.5

Original was HVC HYV V4 ESL V166 DQO N14


New clearance…

MRB DQO N14 assigned (he is already there) 9500


Descend and maintain 7500…


Should have a nice view of Philly to the left and the Delaware Memorial Bridge straight the windshield. Almost home.


Potomac wanted me to descend to 7000. I said no thanks, I’ll cancel IFR and continue VFR at 11,500. They still made me go down to 9500 and later 7500, but I was able to stay higher for longer that way to conserve fuel. It used to work better in the pilatus, they’d want us at 9000 and we’d cancel IFR and go vfr at 17500.
Won’t know until they refill it, but I think I had about 9 usable gallons left when I landed. Wouldn’t have made it without the tailwind. Sometimes when the moons align just right and you have a clean conscience the winds work in your favor.


I saw you canceled at 11500 when I posted 18.58 but didn’t post it because tracking continued, an amended route clearance was posted so I was a little confused as to whether the cancellation was not “approach controller induced” as an arrival or a real deal cancellation…

You have way more cajuns then I have. Did you have a fuel flow monitor or was it the act of God and his tailwind you put all your faith in?

Sent your dad screenshots and various approach control areas so you can see what traffic you were mixed up with as well as the progress of your trip throughout the day…

Envious of you, as I bet it doesn’t get any better flying weather wise then what you had today for CAVU. :smiley: