Cessna puts a PT-6 turbine on a Mustang . . .

Cessna states N350CE, is an early stage of a program that may or may not result in a conforming aircraft. “What we’re flying is neither a prototype nor proof of concept aircraft. It’s a technology demonstrator to help us determine how we could best fill the gap between the Corvalis and the Citation Mustang,”

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I know 3 people who were in Wichita about 2 years ago installing a fire suppression system on a Citation IV at the time. It was in the hangar they were working in and were told “by the way, you don’t see that or even know it exists.” Basically, the engineer that was with the group forgot it was in there. They were told it was going to be a jet trainer. I guess it is about the size of a TBM.

Cessna has been floating rumors for a while that they were working on a new single engine turbine aircraft, but have never released any official information or photos.

Supposedly, Hawker Beech is working on a turboprop single based on the Kingair 200. I believe they’re going to call it the PC-12!

And Pilatus is developing a military trainer based on the T-6A. I believe they’re going to call it the PC-9.

Fortunately Cessna has stated the Mustang turbine is only a testbed
and will bare no resemblance to the final product :slight_smile:

agreed its a shame the
mustang tp is not using a modern rolls royce or GE turboprop :open_mouth:

“Modern” Rolls Royce or GE turboprop??? Changing the name of an Allison 250 or a Walter 601 doesn’t exactly make it modern… :wink:

Why, the PT-6 is a tried and true workhorse of an engine. There is no shortage of parts or expertise. Not to mention, Cessna probably strolled over to the Caravan line and borrowed one for the Mustang prototype.

I’m just picturing some guy pushing a cart, casually strolling away from the Caravan line with a PT-6, whistling and nodding at folks as they go buy. Smile and wave, boys, smile and wave…

That’s how I liberated a genset and a refrigerator from the Navy back in the day.

That and carrying a clipboard.

Try flying a RR Dart, then you can call the Allison 250 modern…