Cessna 206 run over by pilot-less Cessna . . .

Happened yesterday in Australia;

Police say both planes were on the ground at Gunbalanya, about 330 kilometres east of Darwin, when one of the plane’s engines started up after its pilot accidentally knocked the propeller. Senior Constable Nathan Conelius says the pilot had been in the process of preparing the aircraft to be taxied to another area when he exited the aircraft and accidentally knocked the propeller, causing the engine to start.

"The plane’s moved forward at full speed for about 20 metres before it’s collided with the rear of another Cessna, which caused extensive damage to the tail and wing of that plane.

“The collision sent debris flying over an area about the size of a football field.”

He says the damaged plane is a write-off.

The pilot was breath-tested but returned a negative alcohol reading.

The Australian Transport and Safety Bureau was notified but the bureau says it is unlikely to investigate the matter further.

“We’re satisfied that it was just a simple accident and we won’t be taking the matter any further,” Senior Constable Conelius said.

Accidentally knocked the prop, huh?

This is why we always teach, never, ever, touch the propeller. Although I do agree, how hard did this guy accidently knock the prop, and how did it happen without hitting him.

I’ve hand-propped a C206 and I can tell you it takes more then just “touching the prop”

Must be one touchy prop! :unamused:

I guess I don’t have the “touch” my hand propping attempts were NEVER easy! Especially in the winter…

accidentally knocked the propeller

Accidentally “knocked” it how many times… :unamused:

I think they accidentally knocked the throttle open a quarter inch, then knocked the master switch on, then knocked the prop and mixture open and finally they knocked the ignition. Then they remembered something in the car and heard a loud metal on metal chopping sound behind them.

Dang accidents… not much he coulda done about that one :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not the “crime”, but the cover up that gets you.

Saw this happen right in front of me once.

Pilot had been out of practice - not flying for almost a year when he got into the little rental 152 we had on the ramp.

I was fueling a jet and facing him as he started up. I heard a loud “POP” as the engine fired, then a higher-than-normal Engine speed…in fact it was FULL throttle!! :open_mouth:

The airplane rocketed out of it’s spot, went through 2 lines of airplanes - missing both lines…(how the…?) and rammed head on into a defunct (thank god) 206 on the back line. I watched in horror as the ass end of the 152 went straight up as it hit and just as it came back down, the prop and spinner went flying towards the taxiway (thankfully no one was on it at the time - especially a $25m jet or something)

The wing promptly fell off it, as it came to a rest.

He said it just fired up full throttle and stuck there. - but I’m sure he probably lost track of what the shiny silver and the red handles meant.