VH-NTQ Cessna 208B Caravan flips during emergency landing -

Accident occurred Jan 14/10 Beagle Bay Airport, Western Australia.

The pilot told authorities the engine on his Cessna Caravan cut out as he was flying over the Dampier Peninsula about 09:00 (AWST) this morning.

He tried to land at Beagle Bay airstrip but the plane flipped and ended up in scrub just short of the runway.

Acting Senior Sergeant Andy Henshaw says the plane is badly damaged.

“I think he should certainly go buy a lotto ticket as he’s been very lucky that he’s escaped with his life,” he said.

The pilot, who is employed by a Kimberley charter company, has been flown to Broome Regional Hospital where he is being treated for head injuries.

'Bout all you can say is… Wow!

Hmmm. Wonder if someone forgot to securely fasten the oil cap. My company had a 208 go down for just that. Loose oil cap came off during flight and engine seized. We also have had a few go down with icing, but I would guess this one did not have any rime on this flight. :smiley:

From the Professor of Understatement, Australian Division:

“Acting Senior Sergeant Andy Henshaw says the plane is badly damaged.”

Yea, that must be it…

I “misremembered” the oil filler cap incident. He lost oil pressure due to a loose cap, but overshot the runway as well.

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