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Cessna 182 RG 1979 Approved for 5 passengers ?

Hi all,

As a proud owner of a C182R built in Cessna factory and registered to France after that (what a mistake…), i’m looking to use that aircraft for skydive.
In the USA it is very common that the 182 is used with 5 pax aboard, pilot + 4.
If anyone of you all got some informations regarding STCs or know if this aircraft can be use within its W&B, without any paper work i’ll take it …
I’ve look through EASA STC list, FAA STC list, US Parachute association, Cessna itself … and no one found out yet for 1 and a half month.
French bureaucracy told me that the plane could maybe not be strong enough even if it stay within its W&B limits… do not ask me why, i’m totally lost …

thanks for your help and blue sky to you all.

Check your POH. My Cessna 182Q POH says that a 5th passenger (Passenger on Child’s seat) may be seated in baggage area “A” behind the rear seats (with a maximum weight of 120 Lbs.

I hope this helps!

Ah thanks but, i will have to go through calculation all about resistance of the steel used by cessna since cessna refused to give me further informations … "Cessna considers the aircraft floor load limits to be proprietary information and will not release it."
Ok thanks and fly safe :unamused:

thanks again