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Fat man Flyin!

I am just wondering if it is worth my time to try to get my PPL. I am 6’1 335lbs, Would I be a balance or weight problem in a small aircraft. I live in TN and all my family is in Baltimore. After training and some experience I would like to have the ability to fly from KTRI to KMTN. But me at 335 wife at 160 luggage 60-70 +/-. So roughly a 600lb payload. After seeing the rental cost for planes a few posts back I am not so sure about the idea at all now.

Ive seen a few 172Gs with the 180 upgrade that makes useful load at 1020 or so.

I would think something like this would be great for you. And double duty you could train on the
172. Its my dream set up :slight_smile: as Im similar in size. There is one near me for 38K but its due a Major Overhaul real soon and
has 8800 hours total time and its been used as a transport, its well equipped for IFR though, so
I assume that is why its being sold.

according to Cessna the 172 has 833lb payload. Well within my range plus it is what most people train on.


Your fuel is included in the payload number. Figure 7 pounds per gallon, and your fuel consumption. You might have to land more often to partially refuel.


Ty and rent a Multi engine.

Better solution: If you’re going to make a snarky comment, SPELL IT RIGHT. :unamused:

Best solution: Don’t criticize someone’s weight.

I wouldn’t consider that a real criticism,I’m not exactly slim
either. I figure every six pounds I work off is another gallon of fuel in the tank…