Celebrity Alert for Friday the 16th


Phil Vassar will be performing at the Southwest terminals at the following
airports on Friday the 16th. Nashville International, Houston Hobby, Austin Bergstrom, and Love Field. We will also be flying on Southwest
between these airports. He will also be giving Second Harvest a check from Southwest’s “Spread the LUV” peanut butter to food banks campaign.

Source: CMT.com


And I quote the greatest cat in the world, Garfield, when I say this…“Whoopee-dee-doo, ha-ha wee, clap paws, squeal with glee. I’m so excited I could just barf.”

Actually, if they could have gotten someone better than Phil Vasser, it would be pretty cool, but a possible pain in the arse for the airport.


As a lifelong resident of Blue States, “Who’s Phill Vasser?”


Country singer…has a couple of hits “Just Another Day in Paradise”, “Last Day of My Life”

Poor guy…living in blue states…


LOL…We could say the same thing about the reds :wink: