Sully named Grand Marshall of Rose Parade . . .

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I’ll bet he draws a big crowd!!!

just goes to show- in this line of work, being lucky makes you infamous oops Famous

…and being UNLUCKY makes you DEAD!

You’ve had your share of luck, my friend! You just haven’t had it with a planeload of 80 pax. How badly do YOU wannabe in a parade? :smiling_imp:

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I have to say…and this is certainly just an opinion…I think he did a tremendous job displaying excellent pilotage and calm during a very adverse condition. He avoided catastrophe. I have alot of respect for him and his crew. However, isnt this all just a little overkill? He met with the president, did a Baseball opener, Key to NY., Larry King Live, and no doubt his biz venture has taken off very well…hailed as a hero in all the media venues, but when do the accolades stop?

I want to retire and never be called a hero.

There ya go! I think Sully wanted the same thing for his career.

Whenever I think about that incident, I wonder how many pilots would’ve made the wrong call and tried to make it back to LGA or head to TEB. We will probably never know. He made the right call, and now all of his pax and an untold number of people on the ground are alive today because of it.

Sully is good press for the aviation community as a whole. Everytime he makes a highly publicized appearance, the better for us. I hope the guy starts a rock band and puts out 10 platinum albums. It’d be a much better outcome than having read his name in passing in a few news articles about a horrific crash, and then forgetting it! …just my $0.02

What do you think dadalope?

Sully ain’t no hero. If I a was on flight 1549, I would be giving God all the glory.

Good point needlenose, and frankly I would have to agree in light of the neg press in aviation lately.

T’was God’s will that Sully was in the left seat on that flight :wink:

We all know he was just a good pilot, doing his job (quite well I might add), with the best possible outcome under the worst possible scenario. If the public and the media wanna call him a hero, I’m okay with that.

Good way to put it Needle. :slight_smile: :wink:

You forgot SUPERBOWL

Agree. Weary of “Sully” the hero…