captain sullenbergers first interview.

Looks like sully is going to give katie couric of cbs news the interview that matt lauer didnt get. Look like its going to be on sixty minutes feb 8th. info off of homepage. if anyone else can chime in lets do it.

sorry im kind of busy wish i could :frowning:

yea you funny dude lmao :smiley:

I wonder what they are paying . . .

do you think he is getting paid for the interview? I hope not. but if he is getting paid than all better too him.

everybody can use some dough :wink:

He’s going to be honoured at the superbowl. Hell, keep this up he’ll be on Mount Rushmore next to Abe. :unamused:

maybe I-70 from utah to maryland, could they call it sullys superhighway?? :question: :question: :laughing: