CDN Snowbirds in Stephenville NL.


Snowbirds Arobatic Team will be performing at Stephenville ( CYJT ) at 3:30pm, September 10th.

I just watched them do a fly by here in Corner Brook NL during lunch.

I know most of you can’t make it, but for those who can, CYJT has some great viewing.


Another great airport you can thank your cousins to the south for! :wink:



No doubt.

The money spent there 50 years ago still keeps the economy going today!


Great performance and great weather.

There may have been 250 people at the airport. It was like a private viewing! :smiley:

Any of you guys ever fly through or were stationed at Harmon AFB in your service days?


Harmon closed the year I entered the service ('66) but I’ve been through Goose Bay and Gander, NL.