Castle Aviation loses a Caravan - 2 dead near Columbus, OH

This was a chartered flight being operated for AirNet Systems

LINK from Buffalo Evening News’ Bizjournal.

LINK from Columbus Paper.

Flight Aware, the outbound track isn’t on FA, should be either USC or CSJ 223 (I used to fly that route).

The WX this morning was cold and snowing and about 300 overcast and 1sm.

Nothing on the AirNet web site, or Castle Aviation web site.

edit: 2108 utc Just found THIS , shows flight as CX.

On the Flight Finder page ( … nation=buf),it’s listed as canceled.

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News reports confirmed the aircraft was built in 1999, and of the 31 Cessna 208’s operated by this operater, only N28MG was manufactured in 1999.

Aircraft took off at 0655, in blowing snow and freezing temperatures. The aircraft was airbourne for less than 3 minutes. It was found at 0740 as picture shows, upside down in a field.

There is a serious accident history for Caravans and icing, it is sounding way to familiar already. This will most likely be a major investigation.

No doubt, but that’s some serious icing to down an a/c in three minutes; and everyone else made it through (at least in the preceding :30 minutes). I wonder if he failed to de-ice or do a contamination check before takeoff? … 20051006-0 … 20040117-0 Preliminary Report click here