Can't email flight tracking picture

I have friends and relatives who are flight attendants and pilots. They send me their flight schedules and I enjoy tracking them on Flight Aware. And also, from time to time, I like to email them a picture of their flight track to show them that I’m thinking of them.

But oops! I find I can no longer do that. When I try to email them a tracking picture of their flight progress, they receive a weather picture consisting of cloud cover. :frowning: :question:

What’s up with this?

With the new pan/zoom maps you can’t save the image, but you could take a screenshot of just the map to email to them.

If you are using Vista there is a snapshot program built in, although you have to search for it. I’m not at my Vista machine right now so I can’t tell you where to look for it. I believe it’s located in the tablet menu. It’s a great little program that allows you to captures just a section of the screen (or the whole screen) and save it as a file or to the clip board.

Really? When you get to your vista machine please inform me how this works.

It’s called the Snipping Tool.

Look for it in Windows Accessories - Table PC. Or, you may be able to go directly to it at C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe

Snipping Tool help on the Microsoft Windows web site.

It’s designed for a tablet PC but works great on my laptop. I’ve put a shortcut to it on my taskbar.