Canadian Medevac/Lifegaurd flights


I’ve noticed that Canadian Medevac planes add an M to the end of their callsign or registration when they are on a medical “mission”


A regular expression could be easily written to look for those aircraft and highlight them red, just as the US based “Lifegaurd” flights are.

If you do hear them on the frequency they will use the term “Medevac”
“Chinook 546 Medevac”

Brantford, Ontario


Why does it matter? Also for operators that use their registration as callsigns it doesn’t show, like GOGT Medevac, is just OGT in FA.


Hi, ** airplanepilot30**, I think his point was that FA strips off the “L” prefix for Lifeguard flights and displays them either in red or with a “Lifeguard” prefix and so it would be reasonable to treat canadian methods similarly.


Oh I see, so it shows the medevac priority as a graphical means.