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Air Ambulance callsigns

Does anyone know why flights that used “Lifeguard” now use “Medivac” when they are operating as an air ambulance flight?


I’m not in the air ambulance biz anymore but my guess is to comply with ICAO rules

here you go

  1. BACKGROUND: ICAO 2012 changes the way aircraft are required to file flight plans. There are two impacts to the AIM:
    First, the FAA will require the use of the MEDEVAC for civilian air ambulance flights in the Special Handling Section of the ICAO flight plan. To maintain consistency between ICAO and HOST flight plan filing, all civilian air ambulance flights will be required to file as MEDEVAC instead of the previous term Lifeguard. The previous meaning of the term MEDEVAC has been removed. The term HOSP has been added. This change affects sections 4-24, 4-6-1, 4-6-5, and 4-6-10.

When all else fails read the book!! :laughing:

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