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Can´t read ports (30003, etc) from browser

I’m running piaware and I can get the raw data (ports 30003 et all) on the same pi (usng wget), but when I try to read them from my laptop thru a browser (chrome, edge, firefox, IE) I get and “invalid response” error (ie.

The laptop is in the same home network and I can access the pi to see Skyview, Tar1090, Graphs1090 and Timelapse without any problem. (ie.

30003 is normally a TCP port that does not run http.
You may be able to telnet to the port to see data, however, I doubt it would work in a browser.

It works fine in my Firefox browser. One can see each frame.

Firefox Ver. 84.0.2 64bit works for me ok. (The others return an error)

It works within a browser in another Pi (same network) but not on the laptops.

I accessed each of my 6 RPi’s port 30003 from my Windows 10 notebook using FF 84.0.2.

In addition I accessed the RPi port 3003 from outside my local network using a route from the US to Denmark to Germany to the RPi in the US.

It is an invalid response as it’s just TCP.
Use a suitable application to access it … not sure what is good on windows.
Install WSL Ubuntu or something (windows subsystem for linux) and use socat :wink:

Anyhow telnet might work.

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telnet works from my Windows 10 FF browser. telnet://192.168.x.x:30003