California-France on a Fokker 100 non-stop? (website proof)


how can this happen? … /KVNY/LFPB


The wrong code was entered. The actual code should have been FA7, which is a Dassault Falcon 7X.

Take a look at the history of the flight. With the exception of one B747 code, the flights are all shown as FA7.


you mean FA7X I can’t find the B747 code your talking about but thanks. I thought flightaware was reliable. :confused: Oh well, we all make mistakes :exclamation:


FlightAware is only as reliable as the data from the FAA. It doesn’t make up data. Many times the person filing the flight plan will enter a wrong code.

If you are a registered member (registration is free), you can get about 4 months or so worth of history. Click on the “more past flights” link at the bottom of the flights listing.

The erroneous 747 code was entered on a flight from VNY to LFPB on 7 August.


i registered earlier. I clicked on the “more past flights” link, but the last flight it will let me view is dated 24-Sep-2007 LFPB-TEB.


That would be four months ago, more or less. I’m a charter member and, as such, have access to a few more weeks of data. (Charter members are those who first signed up when FlightAware went online.)


The 7X is a pretty new airplane. That may have been a delivery flight from the factory…someone correct me if I’m wrong there, as I don’t know the ICAO code for Dassault’s home…


LFPB is Paris, Le Bourget airport. It’s the general aviation airport for Paris. Dassault does have a large maintenance facility there.


LFBD - Bordeaux Merignac is where the Dassault frames are built, new green frames can be seen there and they are often ferried to outfitting locations under CVF (Cloverleaf)callsigns with the callsign *usually *matching the type construction number.



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Isn’t that where they have that big annual commercial air show where Boeing, Airbus and most of the others all unveil their novelties?


The Paris Air Show is held in odd-numbered years. The next one will be in 2009.

Le Bourget opened in 1919 and, until the construction of Orly, was the only airport for Paris. In 1927, Lindbergh landed there.

In 1977, it was closed to international traffic. Three years later, it it was closed to all airlines, leaving it as a general aviation field.