does anyone know why there are so many Air France charter flights from Paris to LA today? http://flightaware.com/live/findflight?origin=lfpg&destination=klax&x=0&y=0


The AF website shows 3 flights scheduled for today (29 Oct): 66 at 10:35, 72 at 13:30, and 74 at 16:35.

FlightAware doesn’t show flights 66 or 74. My guess is that 66 and 74 are operating under one of the flight numbers shown as departing Paris at 11:35 and 17:35 respectively.

The third flight (17:00) may be an extra section or just a “space filler” for a possible flight.


They probably aren’t - it’s likely related to a bug we’re working on with codeshares.

  1. 8508, and 8632 are Delta flight numbers for flights operated by Air France. The numbers shown should actual be AFR66, AFR72, and AFR74 respectively.

AFR72 does not have a code share with Delta.

AFR3546, AFR3544, and AFR3542 are either the flight numbers of another code share partner or are just erroneous entries.

In any case, there are 4 flights operated by Air France today from CDG to LAX.

Do I have it right?


ive notcied a lot from LA- to any major airport. must be a problem