Air France 33 and 33A?

Yes I have googled it, but did not find the info I was looking for. Anyhow, this afternoon (2 October) Air France flight 33 departed IAH. And then a little after 9 pm tonight Air France flight 33A departed. Could someone explain why they don’t just make another flight number than 33, other than 33A?( I see this on alot of other flights also) And they were both 777-300ER’s. 8)

Might be for the same reason a dog licks his ass- or why a freightdog accepts a vector inside the outer marker- cause he can.

Remember they are French- hence they are a little off

Usually you’ll have a situation like this when there are two flights with the same flight number in the air at the same time. I don’t know what the specifics are in this particular instance.

Remember they are French- hence they are a little off.

What about the American pilots that do it also?

The flight diverted/returned to Houston on the 1st - possibly a maintenance issue. So 33 was probably the flight scheduled on the 2nd, and 33A was the flight scheduled on the 1st.

Possible. But alot of the time Air France 33 is like that. :question: :question: