Can somebody tell me what the flights are doing, as far as going to another airport or turning around( :blush: )???

Never mind. They are arriving now…

This is something different, just didn’t want to start a new topic… Today (12/23) about lunch time, IAH had 12 to 30 minute delays because of taxi-way congestion. I was just wondering if it was just the weather, or just a lot of traffic, or if there was a emergency? Does anybody know?

Taxi way congestion means too many planes.

If it was weather, it would say weather.

OK. But I was thinking taxi-way congestion because of weather, but you’re right, it would have said weather…

Another little problem on the IAH page… It says Air France 6443 is heading to LFPG.(It says that on the main IAH page) But when you click on where it says “AFR6443,” it says it’s going to MMMX? The normal flight for 6443 is to LFPG…???

There could have been taxiway construction or some other event on the airport that created issues of aircraft movement, too.

It’s going from Mexico City to Houston and then from Houston to Paris.

You’re way to young to remember this: there use to be a time when it was not unusual for flights to have one or more stops between point the origin and destination. In fact, unless they took the polar route via Anchorage, two to five (or more) stops were the norm for flights between Europe and Japan or Australia.

Thanks dami. And yes I know they can stop between here and there… :slight_smile:

I knew you probably did. I was just reflecting back to when air travel was fun and multi-stops were the norm.

Yeah. I wouldn’t really like to fly non stop for a long way. A couple years ago my dad was on a continental 737 from Houston to Miami, but on the way he stopped at Atlanta and then Orlando. He was glad to have that many takeoffs and landings; he said that is the best part(especially when you have a lot of them!) :smiley:

You sure that wasn’t Delta? That sounds more like a Delta routing than Continental.

I’ve flown several times on Continental between LA and Houston with 2 or 3 stops. Even did a LAX-ELP-SAT-IAH on a DC-10-30CF!

Well…? I’ll ask my dad when he gets home. You may be right, but I though it was COA…

Does it sound like something Southwest would do?

If you talking about the Houston to Miami trip, no because Southwest doesn’t fly to Atlanta.

If you’re talking about my trip, yes.

I was talking about the trip to Miami… Not sure. My dad thought it was Southwest, but he was really tired when I asked him. :smiley:

If the trip through Atlanta happened before November 2009, then Continental and Delta were code-share back then, so it might have been stated something like:

*“Continental Flight …], operated by Delta.”

Or vice versa. The Atlanta to Orlando flight had to have been a Delta flight I believe.

The flight was in the summer of '06.