C182 stolen from San Juan Islands dumped near Yakima, WA


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From Yakima Herald-Republic

YAKAMA RESERVATION – A search for the pilot of a stolen plane is continuing after the single-engine aircraft was seen making a hard landing Wednesday morning in the closed area of the Yakama Nation reservation, authorities said.

The Cessna S-182 was apparently stolen from San Juan County, authorities said.

The plane’s registered owner told investigators he thought the plane was still in its hangar when they called to find out why it was on the reservation, said Ralph Sampson Jr., chairman of the tribal council.

Yakima County search volunteers were going to be called out, but that effort was stopped once coordinators learned that the Cessna had been stolen, sheriff’s Lt. Brian Winter said. That’s standard procedure to protect the searchers.

Sampson said workers headed into the closed area saw the plane circling before it went down about 9:45 a.m. The aircraft was located just over the Mill Creek ridge near Satus Peak.

He said that tribal police were conducting the initial investigation, but he expected the case to be turned over to a federal agency.

San Juan County sheriff’s dispatchers confirmed that the plane was stolen from their jurisdiction. More information was not available Wednesday night.
– Mark Morey and Phil Ferolito


How did the person who stole the plane get the keys??


You’d be amazed at how many hangar-kept aircraft have their keys in them.


I know I should probably know better, but when I hear about stolen airplanes, I just don’t picture the person that can do it. Trained enough to fly and land the airplane, yet shady enough to steal something.

The aviation folks I know from airline pilots all the way to student pilots at the untowered field, it just doesn’t add up.

and I know there’s drug runners, and other crime flying, but it seems so disconnected from the flying I know. I’d love to hear the story of the theives I guess.

Of course my first thought was …Ahh that WAZZU :smiling_imp: , until I saw he was the one who posted it.


That’s part of the cover up… see how you eliminated him so quickly… his plan worked…



:open_mouth: I’m starting to see…


I bet there aren’t more then 10 Cessna key codes. And of course just use a master lock key and work it a little. That stupid ignition isn’t much more than a filing cabinet lock.


Lear, do you have an alibi for the 12th? :laughing:


Let me guess, you two were both working together!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Put the door key in mine and it doesn’t matter what direction the “teeth” go in. It will open either way. I just select the direction with the least resistance.

Ignition, better quality ignition switch I guess as the key only fits one way. :open_mouth:


There’s between 7 and 12 depending on the model, so just go to any Cessna service center and you could easily get access to all 12.