Stolen Cessna Corvalis in IND found crashed off Bahamas


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - State police and Monroe County authorities are trying to figure out how a plane left Monroe County airport and wound up in the Bahamas.

They say someone took the Cessna 400 Corvalis sometime between 9:30pm Saturday night and 6:30am Sunday morning.

Managers at the Monroe County Airport detected the plane’s emergency alert signal off the coast of the Bahamas just after 1:30pm Sunday afternoon. They say the aircraft is missing and apparently left without proper clearance.

Investigators say the plane had previously been stored in a hanger at the Monroe County Airport. Deputies called the Indiana State Police Evidence Technician to help with the investigation.


:laughing: Looks like the Kid from Washington State is making his way to the islands. Guess the San Juan Islands wasnt enough…


Funny you should say that!

FBI on Harris-Moore: ‘We want to get him’

*The teen has been on the run since he escaped a Seattle-area group home in April 2008. Since then, Harris-Moore, 19, is suspected of stealing nearly $3 million worth of planes, vehicles and boats, and of committing several burglaries.

He’s allegedly been on a cross-country crime spree since June 1.

The latest plane theft ended Sunday with a crash about six miles off the coast of Sandy Point, which is on the western edge of Abaco Island in the Bahamas. The water there is about three feet deep, meaning Harris-Moore could have waded ashore.

Since the plane crashed on Sunday, Bahamian police also have confirmed a home burglary and a car theft, officials told the Bloomington (Indiana) Herald-Times today.*


Stolen aircraft N660BA Cessna Corvallis
photo keljones/FlightAware


If he’s on Abaco They’ll catch him. unless he steals a boat or makes it to Marsh Harbor and steals another airplane.

The kid isn’t the brightest. If you run out of gas in deep water… Adios Amigo


He’d best watch his six.

The locals are not welcoming to thieving mainlanders and he needs to remember that he’s not in Kansas anymore.


CNN is hot on his tail


Facebook Colton Harris-Moore (Barefoot Bandit)!/pages/Colton … 881?ref=ts

News Update video.

Wanted Poster


Are you kidding me? REALLY, for fu*king real?

Bermuda!?! TAKE A FU*KING geography lesson! Bermuda and the Bahamas are separated by SEVERAL HUNDRED MILES OF WATER.

WOW- I am astonished at the stupidity of the general media in the USA


That boy is sure a purty one. Got a real purty mouth!

He’s going to be very popular and have a wonderful time in jail.


:open_mouth: HOLY HELL!!! I was only making a ridiculous comment without knowing the facts…LOL!! IT REALLY WAS THIS KID!! Now why in hell can I not make those guesses on my damn Lotto numbers???


CNN probably saw your comment here and then ran with it :wink:


That wouldn’t shock me-


Getting closer


How much you willing to bet he gets off the island?

His mother sounds like a prize loon. “I always tell the boy to only steal twin engine aircraft and always have a parachute when flying over water.” She needs to put down the pipe! :unamused:



Chip off the ol’ block :open_mouth:
Leads me to wonder about the youngster we have here :smiley: HAHA


“HAHA’s” right. . . :unamused:



<sniff,sniff>I’m smelling a movie in the near future. Just need to catch him or he needs to end up in a smoking hole to complete the ending. Either way, I’d go see it.


OR he is never heard from again and he becomes another DB Cooper


I hope when they catch him, they hang him up for all to see. Last thing we need are copy-cats. This kid has caused nothing but issues from coast to coast in the US over the last few months, especially giving GA another black eye at a time when it least needs it.