C152 lands on the Jersey Pike

From AP:

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - A single-engine aircraft has made an emergency landing on the New Jersey Turnpike and no one is injured, officials said Monday.

Turnpike Authority spokesman Joe Orlando said the Cessna 152 landed in the northbound lanes in Cherry Hill Monday morning, about five miles east of Philadelphia. The pilot and two passengers were unhurt.

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Arlene Salac said the landing was precautionary because of a low oil pressure indicator.

The plane was hired to provide traffic reports for Philadelphia’s KYW-AM radio and KYW-TV stations, Metro Networks spokeswoman Christine Miller said.

A truck has been brought in to remove the plane from road.

Traffic on that stretch of the turnpike is backed up, with cars moving only in the left shoulder.

It’s N6103P, yet another Delaware-owned aircraft. No recent tracks show up on FA.


That’s pretty cool. Good thing nobody was injured. :wink:

Something seems odd


Pilot and 2 passengers.

That does not compute.

Maybe the second passenger was the gremlin under the cowling?

There’s room for one seat in the middle, behind the front seats. I’ve seen that before in a 152.

One would think you would Go over max gross with that. Shoot 2 180# pax (Avg) and 24 gallons of Fuel put you very close.

This story http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35179132/ns/us_news-life/?GT1=43001 indicates that the plane had a pilot and a traffic reporter. No mention of a third person.

I wouldn’t want to be the third person in a C152!

All of my flight experience has been in 152’s. There’s barely room for two people, much less three. I would definitely think 3 average sized people (even three small-ish people) would put it over gross, behind the seats is flat, so there’s no well to put your legs and I believe the rear windshield slopes downward, so you wouldn’t have much, if any, headroom either. I’ll look the next time I’m in one, but I can’t see there being any way to carry three people. Maybe a car seat for a toddler/baby or something, but that would be the extent of that.

I have heard of a seat being installed in the cargo area for a child. Here is a 150 accident with 3 fatalities in the aircraft

ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_i … 1598&key=1


I saw a 152 at CXO with a rear seat.

I wasn’t flying it, I swear! :laughing:


Good thing you squawked up James…I was gonna start the “blame game” and YOU were gonna be the first! :laughing:

Well, I’m certainly the closest. 8)

That thing probably cost $8,000 + $4,000 installation.