Buying a 1996 Saratoga II HP any suggestions?

I am looking at a buying a 1996 Toga and going from an 1999 Archer III…Any suggestions for transition training, pre-buy’s, what to look for,etc.%between%

I am on the same route as you for actually several years. Let me know what you find out. I have owned this Archer for 12 years and am seriously thinking about an A36 or Saratoga. Probably about a mid 90’s on either for me. After about 100 hours in one 94 A-36, I have to admit it a hell of a machine, but I have about a zillion hours in my Archer other Pipers etc. I am right at home in any of them thus I am a little swayed to stay with. I was reading the A-36 vs Saratoga discussion and I may end up with a nice 36. Guess it just depends on the best AC for the money.