Piper Saratoga


I was looking into the Piper Saratoga 6XT…i was wondering if anyone here has gotten to fly this aircraft or similar Saratoga, if so just a basic run-down of the flight, and the ‘flyability’ of the aircraft.



I dont realy know what you’re asking here but I’ve flown a Saratoga, Lance, Cherokee 6, etc… I havent flown the ‘new’ Saratoga or 6 though, but the airframe is more or less exactly the same as it’s always been.
“Flyability”? They’re great planes, hold a lot, very stable, pretty quick, lots of power… fly like a heavy cherokee. The cherokee six has an unusual nose-high attitude sitting on the ramp, even more so when it’s loaded with gear. That, combined with a long-ish nose requires a little bit of neck craning while taxiing.


What is the horsepower on those saratogas?


Have you checked http://www.newpiper.com?


Usually 300, although I think the cherokee 6 was available with 260hp.


Hey buddy, if i wanted to search around a website i wouldve, but instead i left a post beacuse maybe someone had already done a little research.


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260 is a waste of $$$$ :frowning: