Busselton's New Airport Requires National & International Carrier


To all Airline operators

Busselton being a now new major airport in the south west of Western Australia is struggling to find national and international carriers to complete the airport project as the state government is holding one arm behind our back and holding back funding of the project until we can find an international and national carrier or 3.

This is only due to the fact that Perth is a bit jealous that we “in the south west” have more to offer than Perth does, most tourists only have the option to fly into Perth then they all have to travel down south to their destination - so another two days out of their holiday because of unnecessary travel times.

I myself being a pilot would think of no better place to land a plane than Busselton; fact hardly any or no cross winds and most days hardly no wind at all thus saving on undercarriage and brake repairs, run ways are positioned correctly, no major height obstructions, increased visibility in all directions, cheaper landing fees and fuel costs - thus Busselton being the only consistent ambient temperate climate city in Australia so the weather is good all year round…no lightning or major storms that Perth has.

So on behalf of Busselton and the Margaret River region would someone please! take up the offer and sign up to come here, even if it were only for a 18 month trial…you won’t be disappointed.


Bradley A Sutton
Busselton Western Australia


Perhaps you can help with something that is puzzling me. On your web site you state that 03/21 has a TODA of 2520m, but in the current ERSA RDS it shows 1860m.


Hi - this is something you will need to take up with Perth station as the Busselton airport is still in construction stage.



So you are actually nothing to do with the airport.


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