Bug - Invalid Airport Specification

12/1/05 - view activity for airport: 3SQ

Note tail # N7235F Departed 3SQ → 3VS

Now click on the “3VS” airport link, and you get an error - bad airport ID

While 3VS is not a private or restricted airport, it has no instrument approach. I’ve seen this issue with some Garmin panel mount GPS’s as well – the airport doesn’t exist in some databases either.

It is on the VFR charts but not the L charts.


Follow up to my previous post.

If you look at the 12/2/05 flight of N7235F to destination 3SQ it claims to have originated at airport KFTT. Now look at the flight track. This flight actually originated from 3VS (the mystery airport that’s missing completely).

  • Greg

I frequently fly IFR to and from S43, Snohomish, WA (Harvey Field), but Flight Aware tells me the airport name is incorrectly formatted :cry: How can my wife track me and how can i track my friends who also fly in and out of the airport we are based at?

Just because an airport has no instrument approach or departure doesn’t mean that IFR flights don’t go in and out of it.