Broken stats page?

I’ve currently got nearly 300 aircraft on my map.
My stats page shows me online and updating less than a minute ago.

But my actual page looks like this.

I did have some downtime on Tuesday due to a power outage but it was only for a few hours. The stats for Tuesday are very wrong but I’m genuinely concerned that there’s nothing been uploaded since yesterday evening and nothing at all today.

I know my streak isn’t anywhere near as long as others but I don’t want to lose it. Is there a problem today?

I see data being received from your site normally so it is a stats problem only, not an actual outage of your site.

your lucky you got that many on 04/04 think I got 37/2.

There was a number of outages on Tuesday but approx 23:00-23:20 mine was showing about 190000/900 then it just changed to 37/2. apparently there is a number of tasks to be done before we seem any movement on Tuesdays Stats being restore.

see here: post205829.html#p205829

I can also see data being uploaded so I’m happy it’s not a problem at my end but I am concerned that I’ll lose my streak because at the moment, it’s still showing that the last time I uploaded data is yesterday (Longest Streak: 153 days (04-Nov-2016 - 05-Apr-2017)).

I have this exact problem too.
(Longest Streak: 392 days (10-Mar-2016 - 05-Apr-2017)

Issue was addressed here:


4/3 and 4/4 are totally borked on mine

Looks as though it’s all dropping back in now.

my 4/3 came back but 4/4 totally blank still.