British Airways sends team to check evacuated 747

British Airways is flying a team of engineers from London to Phoenix to inspect a Boeing 747 that filled with smoke before takeoff, forcing hundreds of passengers to escape on the plane’s emergency slides.

Airline spokesman John Lampl says the 298 passengers who were on board Flight 288 as it prepared to take off late Friday were being rebooked onto Saturday flights to London from Phoenix, Los Angeles or Denver.

More than a dozen people suffered minor injuries when they used the jumbo jet’s inflatable slides to evacuate. Lampl says one passenger and one of the 18 crew members were hospitalized overnight but were being released Saturday.

A Phoenix Fire Department spokeswoman says no fire was found and crews suspect an electrical problem.

Found this link:

has a cool video imbed.

The slide from the top deck looks pretty cool!
Never seen these up close how is the bottom of the slide set up to slow the pax before tarmac?

always great to see people “saving” their carry on luggage when having to evacuate the plane :-/

Yep, they’re all assholes. But I’ll also admit that if I were in that situation my ever-present laptop and case would almost certainly come off the aircraft with me come hell or high water.

Did they ask them to go for free?

Well if I’m ever in a plane that is being evacuated I’m going though anyone who stops in my way just to get their luggage out of the overhead bin. At times I can almost understand sometimes people not having a sense of urgency while evacuating the plane, but if you can actually see smoke in the cabin, what more do they need? Does it take actually seeing flames or maybe the row in directly front of them needs to be ablaze first.

That is the backup plan: Get out whatever way possible. The primary plan is everyone calmly and quickly makes their way to the exits w/o spending time gathering belongings that are useless if you’re dead. Just like Boeing and Airbus certification videos. :unamused:

Glad you quoted me before my post was deleted. WTF happened?

My point was directed at the real world passengers who think they’re going to push their way past “Big Bertha” standing in the aisle trying to get her bag out of the overhead during a serious evacuation.

Somehow I think we’re on the same page here but I’ll include an eye roll anyways… :unamused: