QF Has emergency

cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/0 … index.html

This doesn’t look fun. Glad everyone is safe. What will the rainman think.


Ray would be Ok. It didn’t crash.

I’m going to look into my Magic 8Ball (Airline Accident Edition) and I see that METAL FATIGUE came up. That seemed obvious so I did it again and got IMPROPER SKIN REPAIR. Pick 'em.

just watched it on the BBC news,

news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-p … 524733.stm

Interesting, but you have to wait until more interviews with the passengers come up, no doubt they will make it more dramatic than it was, not being nasty but think back when the BA 777 crashed at Heathrow, at first passengers were saying they didnt even know they had crashed it was a smooth landing,
then a few days later other passengers saying
‘it hit so hard i thought it would rip up’

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So, which came first, the rupture of the exterior skin or the eruption of the pressure vessel?

News reports today are saying they suspect an oxygen tank in the hold exploded. QF is inspecting all their 747s.

Another emergency for QF according to foxnews. Conflicting reports. Some say door opened during flight causing cabin chaos. Ground crew says landing gear door didnt close properly.


As far as I know, the 737 only has full doors for the nose gear, and a couple of little strips for the mains. Isn’t it supposed to be a fail-safe design? Wonder if a linkage broke or something