American B757 diverted-passenger strips, tries to open door


FlightAware Flight Tracker American Airlines flight 725.

Passenger reported to have step out of the bathroom naked, was told to dress, which he did, but then reportedly attempted to open a door in flight???

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Chicago Tribune


I hate it when somebody stripes :smiley:

Aren’t spelling mistakes on FA a b*#ch?


Obviously a depressed San Jose Earthquakes fan


Good thing the doors won’t open in flight.


I wonder how high they were when he attempted this.


If high as in altitude, it appears to have been at cruise altitude, which according to the track log was 32000 ft.

If high as in how much drugs had he consumed, then I have no clue, but I imagine fairly high.


Sorry for my ignorance but wouldn’t that mean a rapid depressurization, and cause lung damage or decompression? Sounds deadly to say the least.


No physical injuries unless you’re already suffering from some other lung ailment such as emphysema, etc. Oxygen deprivation would quickly lead to unconsciousness.

The point is moot however as it’s physically impossible to open the door, regardless of how many times you’ve seen it occur in the movies, unless the aircraft was already depressurized.