Has anyone here ever been involved of some sort of aircraft crash or even an in-air emergency? I haven’t.

Although never been a personal witness or involved in a crash, I had some family friends on Alaska Airlines 261, and some of either AA11 or UA175 landed in my dad’s office.

Going into ATL I was on a Delta MD-88 that rolled on its side to avoid a Cessna. I was in first class and could have cared less. Also a couple flights where we dropped and everyone screams, arm rests fly up, drinks running off ceiling… that’s fun!

Also was on a Delta MD88 from SLC to MCI and the man in the seat behind me had a heart attack. It became the express flight to MCI. At least now I know why he was banging on my seat back for half the flight.

I once was on a flight from ewr to lhr and about 2.5 hours into the trip, one of the engines on the 777 overheated and was shooting flames from the back of the engine. the pilot put on the inboard fire extinguisher and we made and emergency landing at gander int’l. they had to fly in a new plane with a new engine and mechanics from D.C. Then Gander didnt have the proper moving equipment for the boxes with all of the luggage. They had to move everything by hand. we ended up a day late and landed at midnight.

Interesting, I assume you were flying British Airways then? When did this occur, I don’t remember hearing about this.

Not airline emergency, but GA emergency. See groups.google.com/group/rec.avia … d96c0c1507

for my experiences of a partial engine failure.


Had This Plane stayed in the air another block, it would have hit the building I was in. Luckly, the house it did land on was unoccupied at the time.

My dad was on a CRJ2/7 which departed SFO - EUG and had the pilots discover mid-flight as part of the their pre-arrival checklist that the spoilers wouldn’t unlock. Got priority landing back at SFO and used most of one of the longer runways on the rollout.

Two situations.

First was flying brand new Laker Airways DC-10-30 on charter from Hong Kong to Gatwick in '72. Blew some tires on landing in Dubai. Then engine caught fire on landing into Gatwick. My Dad was on the ground watching the plane on approach. Couldn’t believe the smoke coming from the engine and the fire engines chasing the plane down the runway. :open_mouth:

Second was flight from Heathrow to Toronto via Montreal in '75 on a British Airways 747. Actually saw flap fall off on approach into Toronto. Flap fell through the roof of a house and lodged into the basement of a house below. Miraculously, no one was hurt. Many anxious minutes burning off fuel over Lake Ontario before flawless landing. :blush:

Closest thing that i’ve been to a crash was a touch and go at TOL because a plane did not clear the runway.

That’s usually called a go-around, or a aborted landing, etc, because a touch and go is usually a planned maneuver.

w/e its called, we still went around…

HEY HEY HEY He was just letting you know so for the future you know what it is. He’s not trying to put you down.

Crash = plane fall down, go boom…(not a serious explosion, that would be a KABOOM, AN EARTH SHATTERING KABOOM!!!)

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