BAW116 Fire in the engine


by pure coincidence I was listening to ATC in KJFK and heard the tower comment on 116 Heavy having Fire in the Engine, followed the traffic and BAW116 returned, landing on runway 31L, where emergency vehicles were sent out just in case. II can’t remember the exact passenger number but it’s over 300. Later the (pilot?) mentioned the engine core had blown out.
The whole thing happend just minutes ago.

Passengers moved To American Airlines? flight dubbed AAL116, and sent on their way to Heathrow (EGLL).
not sure about that, because AAL116 seems to fly that route BAW116 does.
Unless it’s a AAL/BAW mix and AAL116 took over.


I saw this too. FlightAware never received a diversion, arrival, or cancellation message from ATC; I think they were a bit busy.
BAW116 and AAL116 both appear to be seperate regular scheduled service operating a couple hours apart.


The track page for BAW116 shows the correct info and zoomed map now.

  • What was the date and time so I can grab the archive from


29-Dec-2005 B744/Q John F Kennedy Int’l [KJFK] John F Kennedy Int’l [KJFK] 11:25PM EST 11:41PM EST 0:16
29-Dec-2005 B744/Q John F Kennedy Int’l [KJFK] Heathrow [EGLL] 11:25PM EST Diverted


If anyone got The Times yesterday, there was a frontpage headline about BA and its “failing fleet” - the AAIB’s report into all of their recent in flight problems. The AAIB were really laying into BA about the poor maintenance carried out on all their jets! Pretty scary stuff…im sure you can get the details off The Times Website if you want to read about it!


URL? I’d be surprised if these incidents were actually on the rise; it seems like the media is just covering them more.


Try this link:,5744,17710224%5E23349,00.html

Its not The Times, but it has the same story as The Times did yesterday!

I suppose your right, it is the media covering them more…but reading the article it made me think a bit!