British Airwaays A380 to LAX.


Does anyone know what time the BA A380 is coming to LAX tomorrow?


It’s being operated on the BA269 which is scheduled into LAX @ 1915 local…



I found 2 timings for BA A380. On the computer site its says on average 3 pm and on the Iphone app it says around 7 pm. do they currently fly 2 into LAX or is wrong info from the computer or Iphone app?


Looks like 269 is a daily flight but the 744 still flies 4 of them per week. Likewise 283 is daily, 5 per week in the 744.
279 is a daily 744.


I thought that BA started daily service with the A380 on oct 1. Along with the the 747 still going to LAX.