Boeing order for Iraq . . .


Boeing Co. said the government of Iraq has ordered 30 737-800 planes worth $2.2 billion at list prices.

In addition, the Chicago aerospace giant (NYSE: BA) said it’s finalizing an agreement with the Iraqi government for 10 Boeing 787s that could be worth between $1.4 billion and $1.5 billion when that deal is completed. Also, Boeing said Iraq has options for another 10 737s.

The deal with Iraq for the Renton-built 737s, Boeing said, is “the first step in re-establishing that country’s scheduled commercial aviation operations.”

Boeing said it will also work with the government of Iraq on rebuilding the country’s airport infrastructure, training aviation sector personnel and modernizing the country’s aviation system.

“As we work together in support of Iraq’s plan to build a national carrier, we envision the day when a modern and efficient fleet of airplanes will directly support Iraq’s economic development and growth,” said Scott Carson, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO, in a statement.


Will these aircraft be bombed on a tarmac in Iraq by the US military someday? :smiling_imp:


Wow, haven’t seen a CP Air Jumbo in awhile!!!

Well if someone shoots up the new Iraqi fleet, at least they’ll have alot more airliners to shot at.


CP Air’s colors are splendid. They take me back to the late 70’s when air travel still had some awe and personality (for me at least…).


More likely to be hosed by Iran at this point in time.