Boeing 707 in America

Is there any company still uses the Boeing 707 in America?

Define “company”

There are a few privately operated ones that are owned by a “company” (an LLC holding company controlled by the owner) however, there are no US-registered 707’s being used for any sort of cargo or passenger services.

However, Omega Air Refueling does use the 707 for mid-air refueling. They are a private company that provides this service primarily to foreign military operators visiting US airspace. their aircraft are indeed 707’s and not KC-135’s.

As far as I know these are the only “commercial” US-registered 707’s.

Ok. Thank you.

Company = Airline cargo or passengers.
But, you answered what I wanted to know.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a 707 in service as well. Once in a while you can see it on here cruising along the east coast, mainly down into the Virginia area and then headed back up the coast towards Massachusetts. Shows up as A “B703” when airborne, although I can’t remember its flight ID.

The last time I noticed in flight was about a month ago.

…and of course John Travolta flies one that we see every so often hear at LAX…he is also Goodwill Ambassador for Qantas…

Ok. Thanks.

…here is his plane…(hope it’s allowed to post link to uploaded photo) … ate/page/1

…and the registration number is an appropriate “N707JT”…
(I noticed that picture, which is well processed, get’s “dulled down” after upload, due to automatic conversion to sRGB I’m sure…)

Very good. Interesting. Tanks.

There are some 707’s that have been converted to military drone controllers.