N777AS (B772 Bix Jet)

Who owns this? Flightaware indicates Wells Fargo, other sources say Mid East Jet. Which one?

Wells Fargo is on the registration for hundreds of aircraft that they have a loan on. The operator is likely someone else.

It’s got some junk in it’s trunk.

I’ve forgotten the registrations :blush: but there are at least 2 private 777’s in the middle east.

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It seems to be in the country now, having arrived from overseas on November 30.

That’s the one that is based in Jeddah… Not here all that much though.

does it belong to a specific person?

It’s a convoluted ownership. Originally, before the 777, it was a large bank owned by one person. In the last 6 or 7 years the company was split up, including the flight department which included something like 5 or 6 airplanes at that time. I just recently heard it is now 3 different but still related flight departments. 777, 767, 757, 727, 2 BBJ’s and I think one or two Globals. maybe a challenger instead of the GLEX’s, it’s hard to keep track of them. They use a different handling agent so we don’t talk to the crews much.
Last summer when we went through Shannon the 727 was there with no engines as was the 757. Or was it the 767…I forget. Anyway both are back although I heard the 727 may have finally been sold.

The other 777 was Rafik Hariri’s, but since he was blown up several years ago and the son’s think it is too BIG, (the BBJ’s are just fine thank you) rumor has it they either leased or sold it to someone in the UAE.

John in Saudi

I believe this is the triple 7 that used to be for the prime minister of lebanon. Now operated by Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight

airliners.net/photo/United-A … 1604272/M/

N777AS B777 YouTube video Operated by Mid East Jet, a Saudi based VIP Airline.