Curious 707

New member. The thread on the 720 destruction got me looking for 707s.
Saw this odd flight:

Similar to yesterday: … /KCWF/KCWF

Avoiding storms? testing?

I have no real idea, I was just googling Omega call sign and this showed up.
Could be testing this system?
Its weird that FA says “slovakia”

The country code for Slovakia is OM so FlightAware is decoding OMEGA71 as OM because the flight ID doesn’t began with the letter N and doesn’t contain a 3 letter code (OME in this case) that is recognized as a legitimate call sign.

Try this web site for information on Omega Air Refueling.

More info on Omega Air Refueling can be found HERE and HERE

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Thanks for the link to the FlightAware posting - forgot it had been discussed here.

Those OMEGAs are fun to watch,ive had the good luck that Huntsville(KHSV) is just south of some MILITARY AAR routes so OMEGA 70 and 71 both of the B-707 and OMEGA 10 the KDC-10 have flown over the house here at 3,000 feet.

And I thought they were doing crop circles or signaling intelligent life.

They’re laying down “chemtrails.”

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It looks like “OMEGA71” is still active but I’ve seen an Omega Tanker 707 with its nose buried in a hangar on the south side of San Antonio Intl all summer…

Assuming we’re talkin about the same aircraft, it looks like its been there for some time. From the limited views i’ve seen (from Wetmore Rd. and departing 12R) it looks like its still in a flyable condition.

Looks Omega71 has been VERY active lately. I had the pleasure of watching it take off at SAT last week. SAT is where it is normally parked and maintained. … b2112;o=16

its awesome to see one of these still flying, I almost went out the other night just to ‘hear’ this guy come in from Hawaii !

made a video of one landing today here at KSAT, I know this is an old thread but… it’s not everyday you see a piece of history.

The 707-300 you are seeing is owned by a private air refueling contractor company.

Omega Air Refueling Services is mostly contracted by the USAF, which is why it shows up on flightaware