Boeing - 4,000 to 4,500 people face layoff

I knew this was coming… I posted a discussion about wether or not Boeing would go under and I gave a list of reasons that could send it under. This looks like the first step to Boeing’s demise.

I don’t think this is Boeing’s demise, they’ve been through far worse. Like any business they need to adjust for a variety of conditions such as the market, supply issues and cost of labor. Remember, they just endured a strike from their friendly union at the worst possible time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pack up and move to Alabama or Mississippi.

I hope Boeing can pull it together. I don’t know about you but I’m holding my breath on this one.

I might have to get in line for a job if they come to MS. I was notified this past week, that our sales force is being slashed/eliminated. :imp:

I’m about to go to college and I’m terrified that when I step out and into the workforce there won’t be any jobs for me.

Have fun. You’ll have a job in four (or five) years. 8)

I hope!! :slight_smile:

I have a few friends that work at Boeing, Long Beach as Contractors. One lost his job after 8 years, the other is hangin’ in there until at least June we think. They let go of some Boeing employees before Christmas (can’t they wait until AFTER the holidays??) LGB is military, Globemaster III C-17, so they weren’t affected as bad as Seattle… for now.