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And here I thought the purpose of all of the other threads. regardless of the subject matter, were for blowing off steam, getting off topic, getting on high horses, and other stuff.


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I thought that the incandecent light bulb was banned in many states because it is too energy inefficient. Should’t we change to a more environmentally friendly form of illumination. I wish I could post this in the High Flying thread.

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Just last week, the incandescent light bulb was banned altogether in Australia. Not sure about any bans stateside, though. I have a bunch of flourescents in my house. Supposedly, each one saves about $10 per year over its “standard” counterpart. That $10 (from 1 bulb) will buy you a 6-pack of 14W (equivalent to a 60W incandescent) bulbs at Home Depot. They say they’re guaranteed for 7 years, but I don’t know how to collect on that guarantee. Mine have typically burned out after about 4. That’s still better than the old bulbs.


I know those light bulbs, I buy them at IKEA and hate them. Never mind the cost savings, I have lots of kids, how long you think those things really last? Maybe 8 months in a floor lamp. Maybe longer in a ceiling fan. I also hate the light that they put out, it doesn’t bath a room in light. I also don’t like LED lights for the same reason.


Legislation is being introduced in California to ban them here. I have florescent replacements for the 65 watt floods here in the office and love them They put out more lumens than the incandescent at about 16 watts.


Where do you get the LED lights? I remember reading a USA Today article when they first came out with them; aren’t they supposed to be cheaper and more efficient than even the flourescents? I haven’t (to my knowledge anyway) seen them in any stores.


You can check out some LED replacements HERE