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blast from the past

People Express Airlines (2012) is this true :question:

It’s a real plan but whether the airline will actually operate a flight is probably still anyone’s guess. I’m inclined to believe that it will never actually fly.

I agree. There have been plenty of instances in the past where a company is formed with a very similar name (and that’s all that’s the same!) to a previous airline (Pan Am for example) but nothing ever happened.

The founders purchased the rights to the name.

I haven’t been able to find their application in the DOT docket site. It takes several months, if not years, for the airline to be approved so they better get going if they are planning on flying by this summer.

They could always wet-lease aircraft if they wanted to get flying sooner.

I was thinking they might use the certificate of someone else but they still need some type of authorization from the government.

They have a web page: flypex.com/

The proper name of it was actually PeoplExpress…