Biggest Aviation News in '06

What is the most stricking or the biggest news in this year, 2006?

US Airways trying to buy DL?
Airbus delays?:roll:

Me making my 1000th landing last week! :smiley:


And, hopefully, your 1000th take-off!

First deliveries of the VLJs.

They will revolutionize the way we think of air travel.

What about your travel. :wink:


The TARDIS remains fully functional.

Two items come to my mind:

  1. Airbus debacle - (as Donald Trump would say, “That’s HUGE!”)
  2. ComAir 191 crash - (ending a 5-year US airline safety record). This subject produced the LONGEST THREAD in the “Aviation News” forum (12 pages)

1)Airbus Delays
2)The foiled attempt to bomb UK-US flights
3)ComAir 191