Best way to view my Skyview on Mobile Browser

I love checking out my SkyView map. Sometimes at home I check in from my phone or tablet. I just set up a VPN so I can view my SkyView when I am out and about from my phone.

The SkyView map is very hard to manage on the mobile browsers. I found it very hard to use on Chrome and Opera browsers on my phone. It is very hard to move the map and zoom on the map. Firefox from my phone is proving a little better.

What is the best way to view the SkyView map on a mobile platform? I wish there was a nice mobile optimized setup.

I wish the Flight aware app just let me see all my aircraft without filtering it out. I should be able to see ALL of my own feed info. If you don’t want to show me others, fine.

You are correct that it is not mobile optimized. This is something we’d like to improve in the future. The idea of a personalized data feeder view on is also under consideration as well.

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