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SkyAware/ dump1090-fa map issues with Chrome mobile

I’ve noticed recently that SkyAware no longer functions properly on Chrome android.
I’ve tested with other peoples SkyAwares, other android devices with Chrome still an issue. Only thing that fixes the issue is using a different browser like Firefox on mobile. I believe this is just a Chrome Android may also be an issue on Chrome IOS. Also the issue is not fixed by hard refresh/clear cache. The following is what I’ve seen Screenshot_20191002-204655

Had a couple of reports of this (though I couldn’t reproduce it myself on a slightly older Chrome - I guess it is specific to the latest Chrome release), I’ve asked the web team to take a look.

What’s your OS and Chrome version?

The problem is in the security in chrome mobile AND desktop versions. FireFox works best for me.

77.0.3865.92 Android 10