Best Way to Find Scheduled Flights to An Airport?


Hello, Flight Aware team.

From what I can tell, the API methods Enroute and Arrived allow you to query by arrival airport only, and Scheduled allows you to query by departure airport only. Is this correct?

I’d actually like a way to find scheduled departures by scheduled arrival airport if possible. Is there a way of doing this using FlightXML?


–Rob MacGrogan


For airline flights, AirlineFlightSchedules.


Thanks for the reply. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear in my original post. I am only interested in general aviation (“ga”) flights. Is there a way to get scheduled departures based on the scheduled arrival airport?



Try Search with “-destination KAUS -filter ga”


Thanks. That was my first thought–well, second thought after Scheduled. But the doc for Search says that it searches airborne aircraft. If that’s the case, won’t that search return the same results as Enroute? or is the doc inaccurate?



You may need to add “-inAir 0” and be prepared to ignore flights that have already arrived. The results returns will include future scheduled and past arrived flights.

You can also use SearchBirdseyeInFlight to construct a more specific query that limits the departure time to being in the future.


Excellent. Thanks for the very helpful reply. Sorry to be a pain, but I do know that one limitation on Search and SearchBirdsEyeInflight is the lack of ETA in the returned object. I guess I will have to follow up with a call to FlightInfo.