AirportBoards filter by arrivals or departures


Hi there,

I am quite new to your API so i would appreciate your assistance in the following simple scenario.

I would like to get all arrival flights per airport including enroute and scheduled arrivals. The enroute and scheduled should refer only to arrival flights, not departures and be ordered by date and time with the arrival ones

e.g. LGW arrivals
flight 102 from JFK to LGW 12:00 arrived on time
flight 103 from ATH to LGW 12:10 enroute
flight 104 from HER to LGW 12:22 scheduled

The same for departures.

As far as i can see the json result has separately the arrivals, departures, enroute, scheduled thus making complicated to combine the results, unless i’ m missing something.

An extra simple Method parameter like type=perarrivals and type=perdepartures would be easier to implement.

Is there such an option for FlightXML3 ?

Thank you very much.

Best Regards


For getting both enroute and arrival data AirportBoards will allow a filter by both airport and carrier instead of returning all board types in one result. For arrivals and enroute it refers to flights going to the specified airport. For instance, the following would retrieve flights enroute to LGW under the carrier code EZY.

Using the scheduled filter in this case will return flight scheduled to leave LGW only. For flights scheduled to arrive at an airport the AirlineFlightSchedues could retrieve this information. Here’s an example for all flights scheduled to arrive at LGW under carrier EZY over the coming seven days. It allow allows for flight numbers to be specified


In addition to the above, one thing to note is that if you intend to use AirlineFlightSchedules, you would need to purchase a Tier of Silver or higher on FlightXML3.


I took the AirportBoards url request and submitted it using the latest version of Firefox. After returning the json output, it immediately converted it into a highly readable text file which is a great tutorial detailaing the AirportBoardResults.