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FleetBoards question about types


We’ve been trying to use the FleetBoards function to obtain information for all planes enroute.
I would assume this returns all flights in the air enroute to their destinations.

But we are getting flights returned that wont be taking off for a many hours. I would like to know exactly what is the returned with each type value: “arrivals”, “departures”, “enroute” and “scheduled”.


Here’s the approximate time windows for what is considered to be each “type” in a Boards response:

Flights with an actual arrival time in within 24 hours of the time of query

Flights with an actual departure time within 24 hours of the time of query and has no actual arrival time yet

A flight with an estimated arrival time, but does not have an actual arrival time yet. Flights with an estimated arrival time up to 48 hours in the past can be reported.

Flights with no actual departure yet and a scheduled departure up to 2 hours in the past.


Thanks for the information.
This makes my problem clear.

I was trying to use enroute to see aircraft that had an estimated arrival time AND HAVE DEPARTED but no actual arrival time.

We came to a solution in the end but it required doubling up some data between Enroute and Scheduled calls.

Thanks for making this clear for us.