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WizAir avoiding Belarus airspace. (Today May 24th)

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Poland was the first country which officially complained about the Ryanair issue caused by Belarus

Ryanair does not change it so far.
But i think it’s not that easy to change the planned flight path.

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History proves that he CEO of Ryan air ( Michael O’Leary) is only interested in one thing, $$$.
Every extra mile costs.


Boarding on a LH flight from Minsk to Frankfurt got cancelled after an alert:

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There’s always something kicking off somewhere :roll_eyes:

Air Baltic rerouted their flights.

And UK highly recommended British Airways to avoid Belarus airspace.

The PM of the Netherlands strongly “asked” KLM to avoid Belarus

Meanwhile all major EU airlines avoid the Belarus airspace. Only flights for russian and turkish airlines are currently in the Belarus airspace

and a few private jets.

And no flights from a Belarus airline over EU

Looks like Turkisch Airlines is avoiding Belarus airspace as well.

some updated information:

Interesting to see who is passing Belarus.

China Cargo, Cathay and Areotranscargo do not care, while Asiana and Cargolux do

The political escalation is going on.

Now Russia denied alternative routes for Airlines which requested it to avoid Belarus air space.

News (in German):

Belarus: Russland verweigert Airlines Alternativrouten nach Moskau | ZEIT ONLINE

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Maybe they can take the southern route, via Hungary, Romania, Black Sea/Turkey…

BlockquoteNow Russia denied alternative routes for Airlines which requested it to avoid Belarus air space

At least to me, it proves Russia is at least involved in what happened.

Perhaps better not to continu, as I might turn out into a political discussion

That was never a question for me. How would it come that four russian persons left the aircraft in Minsk too

Probably. But if going to Russia, they have to enter their airspace at some point

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